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10 Body Butters Your Skin Needs Right Now

Body butters and oils are excellent hydrating moisturizers while at the same time aiding you in dealing with uneven skin spots. Whether you possess dry skin or want a pleasant fragrance, a moisturizing cream should be an integral component of your daily beauty regime. Here we’ve tracked...

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Top 10 Body Scrubs for Healthy Skin

The dry wind of Fall and the crisp coolness of winter can play havoc with your skin. Taking care of your skin is imperative if you want to feel good and be confident about your looks. With the numerous varieties of products that we apply...

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China Glaze House Of Colour A Review

 Inspired by the whims of creativity and self-discovery, the latest China Glaze House of Color Spring nail Collection 2016 is a perfect combo of chic and urbane classiness. The collection was launched at the start of January 2016 and contains all the pleasant shades to...

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Makeup Hacks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

 Long lashed, deep, big eyes have been a dream for many girls. Since the days of Cinderella and Snow White, we all have secretly longed for the wide eyed beauty so perfectly depicted on screens. There is something absolutely alluring about big eyes. If you...

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Top 10 MAC eyeshadows you must have

To say that I love eyeshadows would be a massive understatement. From matte to sparkly shades, or neutral to neon, I love experimenting with my eyes and create fabulous looks with stunning and striking eye makeup styles. This blog started off as a list of...

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Top 8 exfoliants you must to try in 2016

Skin exfoliation is certainly one of the most pocket-friendly yet quite effective, skin restoration treatments. Thus, skin exfoliants are an integral element of skin care regime. Apart from removing the dead skin cells, a skin exfoliant also makes your complexion smooth and even while giving...

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Top 10 celebrity styles for less

It’s not always about extravagant clothing and luxurious jewellery! Sometimes, your favourite stars rock ensembles and accessories from your favorite stores as well.We’ve compiled a list of your favourite celebs carrying affordable clothing, giving you a way to steal their style without breaking your bank.   10....

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